Basically smoke detector is special device use in fire alarm system to detect a smoke.
Smoke detectors use sensing methods. Smoke detectors are in disk shape, also they are
thick. Smoke detectors have multiple sensitive methods. A smoke detector has a housing
of polyvinylchloride, electronic alarm horn, printed circuit board, and assortment of
electronic components, sensing chamber, reference chamber and with radioactive
Commercial and house hold smoke detectors are different. Household smoke detectors
are also known as smoke alarms. Household smoke detectors issue a visual alarm form
several detectors. While commercial smoke detectors issue a signal to a fire alarm control

Types Of Smoke Detector

  • Ionization

In ionization smoke detectors there is constant electrical current between metal plates.
This kind of smoke detector can identify the fire quickly.

  • Photoelectric

Photoelectric detectors work with beam light. Light beam is scattered
when smoke enters the chamber, that helps to trigger the alarm. This
type of smoke detector is best for small fires.
 Heat smoke detector

Heat detectors work when temperature increase in the air. Heat
detectors can react for longer time.
 Combination of ionization and photoelectric heat detectors

These are reliable and good heat detectors. They work very fast to
detect heat.

Types Of Commercial Smoke Detectors

Commercial smoke detectors are connected to fire alarm system and also control by fire
alarm panel. They are very expensive. Their usage is large areas like commercial
buildings, and in industries, also placed in commercial vehicles like train, ships etc.

Conventional smoke detectors

Conventional smoke detectors are in parallel shape. Conventional smoke detectors
wired together in different zone. Control panel in fire alarm system identify which zone
contain the smoke detector.

Addressable smoke detector

The main aim of addressable smoke detectors is to give address to each smoke detector.
That helps to identify exact location. Addressable smoke detector is more expensive than
other smoke detectors. Addressable smoke detector identifies the area in building where
fire broke out.

Smoke Detectors In Pakistan

In Pakistan universal fire protection is one of the leading companies of Pakistan
providing smoke detectors and many other items use against fire damage. universal fire
protection is a private limited company supplying its items in all cities of Pakistan.
Following the smoke detectors provided by universal fire protection:

  • Addressable fire control system
  • Conventional fire control system
  • Releasing fire control panel

Installation Of Smoke Detectors

Make sure that addressable detectors have been tested or not.

Must follow the manufacturer’s installation instruction about the smoke detector
and control panel.

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