Security Cameras in Pakistan

security cameras in pakistan |security cameras prices in pakistan

Security Cameras in Pakistan

Due to the increasing rate of crime rate in Pakistan, People are very much concerned regarding the security of their assets and their dear ones. So most people are looking for some devices or tools or equipment that can make them feel secure. 

security camera is excellent security equipment that is used to make premises secure from certain kinds of crimes. A security camera is a video recording camera that records people’s activities in order to detect and prevent crime. The security camera capture or record what is happening inside and out of the building. The camera records 24/7. The owner of the premises can view the recording on a mobile phone, or computer using the mobile phone. The owner can view the recording from anywhere in the world. 

Because of advancement in technology, we have many options to secure our building from criminal activities and damages. Now a day every kind of building whether it is a residential building or commercial building, have security cameras. A security camera is a very efficient security tool that gives owners peace of mind. 

Security cameras not only prevent criminal activities but also if a crime does occur, security cameras can help gather evidence.

security cameras in pakistan |security cameras prices in pakistan
Security cameras in Pakistan

Working of Security Camera

Wired networks will connect to a broadband modem or router through ethernet cables. These are the fastest and most secure way to connect and the chance of signal interception and interference is absent. 

Wireless networks use a WiFi router to transmit data to and from a wired modem. They transmit data at a slower rate than a wired network, and are at increased vulnerability to unauthorized access, though this can be mitigated through the use of encryption. The decreased security is balanced by the ease of setup and customization of a wireless network.

Cellular network access tends to be the slowest of the three but is more secure than WiFi. If the cameras themselves are equipped with cellular transmitters, they don’t even require a LAN to be in place, so there’s virtually no installation required. These types of cameras, however, can be quite expensive, especially when transmitting high-quality video.

Advantages of Security Camera

Security camera provides a large number of advantages and security measures for the building’s security. 

  • If we install a security camera in our building, its mere presence helps in deterring crimes. The presence of security cameras makes thieves confuse. If the robbers enter the building and if they spot a security camera in the building, they will abort the burglary attempt. If they rob the building, the camera recording will help the victim to gather evidence. 
  • If a burglary does occur. The security camera recording helps the victim to start an investigation and if the police are involved in it, then the recording helps the police in the investigation period. Police can use these recordings to capture criminals and prevent future crimes. 
  • Security cameras are not intended to protect the home, but also allow parents to keep an eye on their kids if parents are not available at home. Usually, the parents that have to perceive their profession along with their kids prefer the installation of a security camera.  
  • The commercial buildings such as offices and Industries install security and protection camera to keep their assets and employees safe from criminal activities. Protection of the employees is the responsibility of the employers. Employees prefer to work in a safe working environment. So security camera installation is essential for enhancing business productivity.

Types of Security Cameras in Pakistan

Security cameras are of two types i.e. Analog and IP. The next section will explain how they both works and what is the difference between them. 

Analogue Camera Systems:

The security now a day in the market are analogue security camera, they are connected to a digital video recorder. The camera of this contains a lens, DVR (Digital video recorder) and signal processing chip. The cameras are connected to the DVR using transmission cables.

The analogue camera system records the video to the digital recorder and then converts the video into digital format. The user can see the video by DVR. DVR is connected to the monitor. But the monitor must have an internet connection. DVR is responsible for recording, conversion and storage of the video. The system can use multiple cameras but all the cameras must be connected to the DVR. The main advantage of Analog is that it is less expensive because not many accessories are required for this system. 

Digital Camera Systems:

The digital camera system is also known as internet protocol camera system. This system does not require the conversion of an analogue signal into digital. The digital data is sent to a dedicated network video recorder through the existing network and can be accessed remotely. The working principle of digital cameras is very much different from the analogue system. in this system there is no need for DVR. The camera itself works as a DVR. The camera converts the video into digital signals and streams the video over the network. Some digital cameras have a slot for SD card so that if the user wants to store the video can store it in SD card. This system has NVR (network video recorder) that is used to record video.

The main advantage of the digital camera system is that users can add multiple cameras to the network and high resolutions are provided by the digital camera system. The digital camera system requires high bandwidth and storage capacity. Digital cameras are more expensive because each camera acts as a DVR and has its webserver. These cameras are high in demand and have a strong market. 

Security Cameras for Sale

Fire Safety Items are providing a huge range of security cameras to all our clients because we do care for your security. We are providing all types of security cameras to all our clients across Pakistan. We are providing security cameras of different brands. The brands that we are providing are as following:

  • Panasonic Cameras.
  • Hikvision Product.
  • Dahua Product.
  • Bosch Product.

The prices of the cameras depend on the specifications, brands and accessories

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