Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

In an industrial environment such as mining, construction, power, forestry working condition is very dangerous and risky. The chances of head injury are very common. The workers can get physical injuries due to falling objects or collisions with fixed objects at the workplace. 

Due to the risky nature of these jobs, elimination of these risks is not possible but one piece of equipment can minimize the chances of these injuries. The only way to minimize the happening of these injuries is to make wearing a safety helmet a norm. Most head injuries can be avoided if the proper head protection is selected, used, and maintained.

Now question is that employees working in different industries are expecting different injuries, so

 what kind of safety helmet an employee should wear?

The type of helmet will depend on the specific nature of the physical risks that have been identified in the risk assessment activity. 

This article will highlight some important facts about the safety helmet. This provides information about the definition, importance, and different kind of safety helmets that offer protection against physical risks.

Because the head is that part of our body that is enclosed in a network of bones and is a very vital functioning component of our body. So the protection of this part of our body is essential. A safety helmet is one of the most important personal protective equipment. Safety helmet act as the first line of defence against injury and is designed to protect the head from falling objects side of the head, eyes, and neck from injuries. Safety helmets save lives and reduce the risk of brain injury.

Design of Safety Helmet

Most types of helmets are designed with solid plastic hard outer shells such as fibreglass, carbon fibre, or thermoplastic, or polycarbonate. The inner shell is padded with foam. The inner materials are energy-absorbing polystyrene. Sometimes the helmet has a chin strap to help secure the safety helmet to the head.

Types of safety helmet:

Safety helmets are of different types. We have listed below some of them:

JSP UK Helmet: 

A JSP UK Safety helmet is a lightweight safety helmet that doesn’t compromise on protection. Safety helmet plastic with chin stripes-397. JSP Hard Hats have front and side ventilation. It can reduce the temperature by 2-3°C. The helmet is dermatologically tested and the headband is made from porous cotton that offers maximum sweat absorption. The helmet Conforms to EN397 and EN50365 Class 0 10KV. The helmet also has Noise-Reducing Earmuffs that can reduce noise by 28 dB. Integrated harness and shell design firmly secure the helmet even during windy conditions. 6-Point terylene cradle harness system provides all-day comfort.


Brand           :           JSP®

Colour              :           Yellow

Fixing              :           Slip-Ratchet

Lifespan           :           5 Years

Material            :           ABS

Characteristics :         Height from 530 to 640mm

Supplied in      :           Single

Type                :           Vented

Weight             :           300 g

Hard Hat Helmet:

It is a type of helmet commonly used in workplaces sites such as construction sites and industries to protect workers from head injuries. The suspension band maintains the gap (1.2 inches) between the helmet’s shell and the user’s head. Due to this gap if any hard object falls on the helmet the impact to the wearer’s head is minimal. Suspension bands inside the helmet spread the helmet’s weight and the force of any impact over the top of the head. The outer shell is lightweight and made from Polypropylene. The helmet Complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009. It also Contours at the ears to accommodate hearing protection. Read more about Hard Hat Helmet


Brand              :           China

Colour             :           Yellow, Red

Fixing              :           Slip-Ratchet

Lifespan          :           5 Years

Material           :           ABS

Shell                :           Polypropylene

Supplied in      :           Single

Complies         :           ANSI Z89.1-2009

Type                :           Vented and non-vented versions

Weight            :           400 g

MSA Helmet:

The MSA V-Gard Helmet, with its distinctive trademark “V” design, is a world recognized brand known for comfort, quality, and durability. MSA sold well over 100 million V-Gard Helmets since its introduction. When you want the best comfort, quality, and durability.

The V-Gard MSA Safety Helmet provides comfort and is user friendly. It has a stylish design. A complete above-the-neck platform for all applications. MSA safety helmets are well suited for industrial applications, construction, mining, forestry, rescue, etc. The helmet offers protection during asbestos removal, spraying, sanding, and grinding. MSA V-Gard is a non-vented helmet with a protective cap it also has a chinstrap fitted and reusable bag.


Brand              :           MSA USA

Colour             :           Green, Red, Blue, Orange

Fixing              :           Slip-Ratchet

Lifespan       :           5 Years

Material         :           Ethylene

Shell               :           Polypropylene

Type               :           Non-vented versions

Weight           :           408 g

Approvals      :           ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-2015

3M USA Helmet:

3M USA helmet provides head protection. The helmet has neck trim that provides the highest level of protection and uninhibited movement when wearing most ballistic vests with collars.

This helmet has an adjustable pad system that features seven ergonomically designed, shock-attenuating, polymer foam pads to deliver impact protection in a thermally sealed, moisture-proof inner liner. It also delivers a stable and secure fit along with a user-friendly quick release for easy use. This helmet has features for increased hearing capabilities. Get more information about 3M USA Helmet


Brand              :           3M USA

Colour             :           White  

Fixing              :           Ratchet and Pin lock

Lifespan          :           5 Years  

Shell                :           Polypropylene

Type                :           Ventilated and Non-vented versions

Weight            :           330 g                                    

Approvals      :           EN397:2012+A1:2012

Advantages of Wearing Safety Helmet

Wearing a safety helmet has several benefits at work and keeping oneself safe & secure from any kind of injuries. These benefits are as follows:

  • Safety helmets provide protection against head injuries. Safety helmets specifically provide protection to the workers from electric injuries, strong head impacts because of a falling object. 
  • Safety helmet protects workers against slips and falls. Workers working in the liquid-based or chemical industry should wear safety helmets so that if the worker slips or fall the chances of causing a head injury will be minimal.
  • It provides protection to the construction laborers. During construction, the laborers are at risk that they may get a head injury because of a falling object or they may fall. To avoid these kinds of injuries the laborers should wear a safety helmet. 
  • Safety helmets protect workers from accidents like rolling over a truck or mishandling of any industrial equipment. 
  • The helmets provide adequate protection from harmful sun rays to the workers. This reduces the chances of heat stroke and fatigue

Safety Helmet Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of a safety helmet are very essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the helmet. Cleanliness and maintenance are important because most of the employees share helmets, so ensuring cleanliness is important to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

These are some of the important steps for ensuring maintenance:

  • Use soap/detergent and water to keep the helmet clean.
  • Check for abrasions regularly ensuring a replacement is made once found.
  • At a minimum, your safety helmet should be replaced every five years.
  • Keep your safety helmet away from sunlight and avoid temperature changes.

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