Halotron Eire Extinguishers

Halotron Fire Extinguisher is a special kind of fire extinguisher that discharges a non-conductive rapidly evaporating liquid on the fire and efficiently smother it leaving no residue behind. These fire extinguishers contain a special type of gas that interrupts the chemical reaction that occurs during fire burning. One unique feature of this fire extinguisher is that it extinguishes the fire without damaging the assets of the building. It is used to shield valuable and important electrical equipment.

Specifications of Halotron Fire Extinguisher:

Capacity : 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 9kg, 14kg

Extinguishing Medium : Halotron
Propellant Gas : Argon
Fire Rating : 8A/55B/C
Design Pressure : 8.63 Bar
Design Temperature : -20 degC to 60 degC
Hose Length : 440mm
Size : Dia 139 x 460(H)mm
Overall Weight : 6.53 Kg

Life Span : 12 years with a 6-month maintenance

Uses of Halotron Fire Extinguishers:

Halotron Fire Extinguishers are ideal for fires near Electronic Data and Equipment such as data centers, military electronics, laboratories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, general office areas, telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, computer rooms, control rooms, vehicles, boats, engine compartments, aircraft ramps, onboard aircraft and in facilities that service aircraft and any facility where dry chemical fire extinguishers could cause unacceptable damage or contamination. These Extinguishers can also be used in bedrooms, home offices, home kitchens, cars, and garages.

Halotron fire can ideally work on certain types of fires, these types of fire are as follow:

  • A Class Fire ( wood, paper, or textiles)
  • B Class Fire (Flammable Liquids, Greases)
  • E Class (Energized Electrical Fire)

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