Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Every workplace has some hazards. The nature of the workplace hazard depends upon the business industry. On yearly basis, a huge number of people lose their lives because of certain workplace hazards such as infection, lungs problem, damage to muscles, breathing problems, hearing damage, hepatitis, and many more.

Now the question is “How to avoid/eliminate workplace risks?”

It is very critical to eliminate or avoid workplace hazards to help your employees avoid injury or illness. Because the occurrence of these hazards might create financial liability on the business. So it is better that business owner addresses these risks proactively despite waiting for these hazards to happen and create a problem. 

Employers should provide It is the responsibility of the employer to provide adequate personal protective equipment to employees. If the employers fail to provide proper personal protective equipment, it may result in many serious injuries or ill-health or, under extreme circumstances, death.

In order to manage workplace health and safety and to prevent accidents and sickness absence, it’s important to think about the solution to reduce the risk associated with workplace hazards.

One solution is the availability of personal protective equipment to the employees. So, the availability of personal protective equipment must be a part of the workplace norm to ensure the employee’s safety because employees life matters a lot for the growth and productivity of the organizations. 

Personal Protective Equipment Definition

Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects people against health and safety risks and hazards. Personal protective equipment might include clothing, goggles, helmets, gloves, or other safety equipment. The safety equipment protects the body of the wearer from many risks such as infection or injuries. 

People require personal protective equipment to save themselves from electrical, physical, heat, chemical, and biohazards. People may require personal protective equipment to wear to save themselves from job-related hazards. Most of the people are working in a very risky environment such as firefighters, chemical industry employees, people working in an intense hot environment like furnaces, etc. 

The protective equipment is used to minimize health hazards to the employees that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. 

Personal Protective Equipment List

Personal protective equipment is available in different types. Some areas are following:

1. Face Shield: 

A face shield is a piece of protective equipment that protects the entire face of the wearer from different types of hazards such as chemical splashes, flying objects, or flames of fire, etc. This equipment protects the face from different infections. Many workers wear a face shield to protect their faces from sparks. Many tools for cutting and working with metal recommend the use of a face shield. A face shield includes a helmet a set of google or a face shield that aims to protect the eye and face from hazards. The face shield is usually a 4 to 6 inches’ tool and is constructed from polycarbonate transparent material. The face shield is a very reasonable and budget-friendly solution for companies. Some health care providers and firefighters prefer to wear this protective tool.

2. Gloves: 

Gloves protect the hands and wrists of the wearer from certain infections, droplet exposure cuts, burns, and damages. it is one of the most commonly used personal protective equipment because hand safety is very important. The hand is the major organ of the body that helps in Performing our daily routine tasks. Workers working in the intense working environment such as firefighters, welders, healthcare providers, construction labourers, electricity workers should wear gloves to protect their hands from damages. Safety gloves are a very important PPE. The material of the gloves is a synthetic material that is a flame resister material and a very good insulator. Latex can be favoured over nitrile because it has a good gripping or fitting feature. On the other hand, latex allergies are becoming more common.

3. Breathing Apparatus:

It is the basic part of personal protective equipment. A breathing apparatus is sometimes referred to as a compressed air breathing apparatus. It is an apparatus, that contains tanks of air or oxygen and a mouthpiece, that helps the wearer to breathe in difficult conditions such as a smoke-filled building where the supply of oxygen is not sufficient. People wear it to inhale the breathable air in the corrosive environment. The berating apparatus contains a mask with a hose connected to a tank filled with breathable air. This tank can provide oxygen to the wearer for at least 30 minutes. Typically, the employees working in the firefighting industry wear this.

4. Head Covers:

Headcovers are designed to protect the head of the wearer from hazards such as falling objects, flames, sparks, germs, etc. People working in hospitals, fire fighting departments, construction sites, welding, and chemical industries wear head covers to protect their heads and hairs from damages. The headcover is made from Dura leather material and has Elastic built into the headcover for a firm fit. It is the most important PPE (personal protective equipment). 

5. Proximity Suit: 

A proximity suit is the most important protective tool for firefighters to save them from the extreme level of heat. A fire proximity suit is designed to protect firefighters or volcanologists from both flames and intense radiant heat. People wear it during rescue operations and other fire situations where people have to work in an intense hazardous environment. mostly firefighters, rescue workers, firefighters, volcanologists wear proximity suit to save themselves from damages. The commonly used material for firefighting is Normex asbestos fabric, current models use vacuum-deposited aluminized materials. These suits are available in many colours such as silver, yellow, and orange.

6. Safety shoes:

Safety shoes are an essential part of personal protective equipment. A pair of safety shoes ensure the foot safety of the workers at the workplace. It protects the employees from getting foot injuries because of harsh working conditions. Safety shoes are essential for all types of jobs that require foot protection. Because foot injuries can have a crippling effect on business operations. When employees are injured the employee will not be able to perform their tasks. Safety shoes are used in the food industry, chemical industry, laboratories, electricity workers, construction workers, firefighters, and warehouses.

7. Safety Helmets:

A safety helmet is a part of protective equipment and it is a tool that protects the wearer’s head from certain head injuries. Safety helmet act as the first line of defence against injury and is designed to protect the head from falling objects side of the head, eyes, and neck from injuries. Most construction labourers and firefighters wear fire helmets for their protection. The material of the safety helmet is thermoplastic. The inner shell is padded with foam. The inner materials are energy-absorbing polystyrene. Sometimes the helmet has a chin strap to help secure the safety helmet to the head.

8. First Aid Kit:

first aid kit is a box that contains different equipment or tools used to give medical treatment. The items of the safety kit can vary depending upon the requirement of the area where it may be used and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area. The first aid kit must contain an up-to-date first-aid manual, Gloves/Eye Protection, elastic bandage, antiseptic wipes, gloves, and some painkiller tablets. 

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