Horizontal Split Case Double Suction Fire Fighting Pump

Horizontal Split Case Double Suction

Horizontal Split Case Double Suction Fire Fighting Pump

 Fire Fighting Pumps are mechanical materials that are used to move fluids or slurries by converting electrical, mechanical, or wind power energy into hydraulic energy. They come in a variety of sizes, from bitsy to large artificial pumps. They’re generally classified as Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Relegation Pumps.  When a pump covering contains a single impeller inside it, it’s called a single-stage pump, and when it has two or further impellers inside for moving fluid, also it’s called two or multi-staged pumps.  Split case pumps are a type of Fire Fighting pump in Pakistan. They can be single or double offered and are substantially double suction pumps, and used in the force of water for irrigation and other purposes. The split case design allows them to strike the setup in the impeller and bearing house assembly without disturbing the suction and discharge. They come in vertical as well as perpendicular configurations. When the covering is resolved along with the perpendicular aeroplane concerning the impeller, it’s called the Vertical Split Case pump and when the covering is resolved along with the vertical plane, it’s called the Horizontal Split Case pump.

Horizontal Split Case Double Suction Pumps (8100 Series, 8200 Series)

What are the structural features of Split Case Pumps?

 The characteristics are as follows-

It offers veritably high effectiveness and has a bottom mount design.

The pump can serve in a clockwise as well as an anti-clockwise direction.

 It has renewable wear rings.

It has a side-side snoot configuration.

 It has canvas-oiled comportments.

 It also offers perpendicular or vertical mounting arrangements.

 It has flanged connections.

What is the construction material used in the pumps?

 The pumps comprise of the following materials for their construction-

 All pristine swords

 All citations

 Cast iron and pristine sword fitted.

 All WCB carbon swords

 All cast-iron.

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