Fire Fighting Equipment in Pakistan

Fire Fighting Equipment in Pakistan

Fire Fighting Equipment in Pakistan

As we all know tar fire is one of the essential components of our environment because fire maintains ecological aspects of our environment. Fire is also important for humans for many purposes such as cooking, protection, and warmth. But fire handling requires proper control and care.

Usually, an idiom is used for the fire that “Fire is a good servant but bad master”.

If the fire is not controlled properly, then it can cause serious hazards for all of us. Fire is our friend and gives us relief if monitored and controlled properly.

But if Left unchecked, however, it is quite dangerous and destructive. In the last few years, the rate of fire disaster increases to a very high level which is not a good signal for the growth of a country and threaten Pakistani society, economy, and environment. According to the report of Emergency and Disaster during the last decade, Pakistan undergoes many changes due to natural and manmade disasters.

Now the question is “How we can stop these heartbreaking incidents?”

Firstly, we have to have used a fire with proper care and after then we must have to have proper measures for avoiding these incidents. We must be ready for the event of a fire. Ensuring safety from fire hazards. We can avoid these incidents with the help of Fire fighting equipment.

Now the question is “How the fire fighting equipment can help in avoiding this equipment?”

Fire fighting equipment is the equipment that helps us in combating the fire if any fire emergency happens. Fire fighting equipment can extinguish the fire in a very effective manner. Firefighting equipment helps in both prevention and protection from fire incidents. Fire fighting equipment rescue people and protect valuable goods and natural resources from fire. Fire fighting equipment is essential for our safety from the fire. 

Fire Fighting Equipment List

Fire fighting equipment is categorized into two categories:

1. Fixed fire fighting Equipment:

Some buildings require to have fixed fire fighting equipment. Buildings, where there is a high risk of fire, require fixed equipment or where it could be difficult for firefighters to use their own equipment. Fixed fire fighting equipment is the equipment that smothers or extinguishes the fire indirectly. Only some authorized people or departments have the authority to activate the fixed Fire fighting equipment. Before activating the fixed fire fighting equipment the concerned person ensures that the premise must be empty. All personnel must be evacuated before activating the system.

Fixed Fire fighting equipment includes different types of equipment that are suitable for a variety of purposes

These Fixed equipment are as follows:

Fire Hose Reel System:

Fire hose reels are connected permanently to the source of the water supply. A Fire Hose Reel is a cylindrical spindle/pipe that is made from plastic, metal, or fibreglass. Through the fire hose reel, the users can instantly have a huge quantity of water and help in extinguishing the fire quickly. The hose reel can throw water up to 6 meters. Fire hoses are available in many different diameters and the user can purchase a fire hose according to the fire risk he is expecting on-premise.

A hose reel brings water or foam for extinguishing the fire. A fire hose provides an immediate supply of pressurized water or another extinguishing agent that helps in combating the fire quickly. By using a fire hose, you can combat the fire at its initial stage by requiring the service of the fire brigade. 

Fire Hydrant System:

Fire Hydrant system can extinguish large scale fire effectively. The fire hydrant system throws water at very high pressure. Fire hydrant systems provide adequate water for combating the fire. A fire hydrant system is emergency equipment that helps in smothering the fire. A fire hydrant system includes different components that when combines together provide an adequate amount of water at high pressure for fighting the fire. Fire hydrants are strategically placed and highlighted to be easily accessed in case of a fire emergency. A larger building installs a Fire hydrant system for quenching the fire. 

Fire Sprinkler System:

A fire sprinkler system includes a network of pipes and sprinkler heads that deliver water to suppress the fire. The sprinkler head has a heat-sensitive bulb that when reaching the predetermined temperature range breaks and discharge water. Fire Sprinklers after activation sprays 15 to 20 gallons per minute. The building that installs a fire sprinkler system can prevent a fire emergency. The fire sprinkler in a building can control 99% of fires. It also means they can activate and put out a fire in the time it might take the fire services to reach that.

Wet Risers:

Risers are vertical water pipes and valves fitted into high-rise buildings. A Wet riser is a source of the supply system that distributes water to multiple levels or compartments of a building, as a component of its fire fighting systems. The firefighters attach their hoses to the vales and start fighting the fire. Wet risers are permanently charged with water. Wet risers save time because they do not create any mess. The wet risers help firefighters to react quickly. 

2. Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

Some buildings require portable fire fighting equipment to deal with a small fire. On most occasions, the equipment available will be of the handheld portable type. The good point about the moveable equipment is that users can move them from one place to another place where the fire breaks out. But a weak point of portable fire fighting equipment is that they are only ideal for small fires. Portable fire fighting equipment can prevent small fires from spreading over the large area and give time to the occupants to evacuate the building.

The small building may require only one or two portable fire fighting equipment but complex or large buildings may require, several portable fire fighting equipment.

The moveable equipment area s following:

Fire Extinguishers: 

Fire Extinguisher is an active fire protection device. A fire extinguisher is a portable device that is used to control small fires. Every kind of organization must install a fire extinguisher at their workplace to avoid destruction or loss. Fire extinguishers act as a blanket over the fire. Fire extinguishers block or dent the access of the oxygen to the fire. It cools down the burning substance and saves people from massive destruction. Fire extinguisher device is essential for the safety of the property and the life of the people. The fire extinguisher is basically an apparatus that consists of a pressure agent with an agent that can extinguish the fire. It is not used to control the fires that have been spread on a massive level and that can cause fire explosions.

Fire extinguishers are of different types and are available in different capacities.

Types of Fire Extinguishers: 

· Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) Fire Extinguisher.

· Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Fire Extinguisher.

· Water Type Fire Extinguisher.

· Foam Fire Extinguisher.

· Halotron Fire Extinguisher.

Available Sizes:

· 1 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 2 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 3 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 4 kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 6 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 7 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 9 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 12 Kg Fire Extinguisher.

· 25 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.

· 50 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.

The below-provided table describes the fire extinguisher and how we can recognize the type of fire extinguisher by the cylinder body.

Extinguisher TypeColour Code
WaterRed with white label
Foam/AFFFRed with cream label
Carbon dioxideRed with black label
Dry powderRed with a blue label
HalotronRed with a green label (these are not common)

Fire Blanket:

A fire blanket is very efficient fire fighting equipment. It is usually used in homes or small offices. A fire blanket can extinguish or work on Class A and Class B fires. A fire blanket is like a piece of cloth that is made from fire-resistant material. Users used them in the kitchen such as cooking pan fire because this is a tool that can quickly suppress the fire. users have to cover the container with the fire blanket carefully with the edges of the fire blanket wrapped around their hands to protect them from burning. People who are working in an intense hot environment can also wrap the fire blanket around the body to protect it from the heat. This equipment does not require any training and is user friendly. Everyone can use the fire blanket to suppress the fire. The blanket is useful in temperatures as much as 900 degrees.

Fire Ball Extinguisher:

Fire Ball extinguisher is a very advanced firefighting tool. A Fire Extinguisher Ball is an advanced technology to extinguish a fire. It is a new sphere shape firefighting equipment and is made from harmless chemical powder. It is just like a ball having some fire suppressing powder or chemicals inside it. Fire Extinguisher Ball is a completely automatic fire quencher. When the ball comes in contact with flames, it bursts and disperses and immediately smother the fire. A fire extinguisher ball is a self-activation and when we throw the fire on the fire it automatically dispenses a cloud of ABC dry chemical powder and helps in suppressing the fire. It can activate in 3 to 5 seconds and can quickly work on the fire. It is very user friendly.

Fire Fighting Equipment Prices

Fire fighting equipment is the need of today’s time and every building whether it is a commercial or residential building requires some equipment. the prices of the equipment depend upon the type of fire fighting equipment. The prices of the equipment also depend upon the brands of the equipment. 


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