Fire Fighting Equipment Companies In Pakistan

Fire Fighting Equipment Companies In Pakistan

Every person is familiar with the word fire, it is a kind of thing which we are using in our daily lives, fire is a blessing also it is can be a hazard if it caught thing widely, which result in a massive loss of property and persons. There are numerous incidents that we heard previously about the fire damage. To prevent form these kinds of incidents many companies in Pakistan provide fire firefighting equipment, but unfortunately, most of the commercial building owners didn’t keep fire firefighting equipment in their buildings. In Pakistan, serious events occurred due to an outbreak of fire that results in massive property loss, in shape building, machinery and persons. The main reasons were leakage of gas cylinder and pipelines, negligence by smokers, and short circuit.

Incidents of fire in Pakistan

An incident of fire blast on February 2020 in Karachi restaurant nearby Clifton due that fire kitchen was damaged. Fire damaged a commercial building in Karachi in 2017, which results in damage to restaurants, offices and showrooms. An unfortunate fire incident took place in Pakistan, due to leakage of a gas cylinder, results of that incident number of a person died many others injured due to fire.

Popular company in Pakistan

FIRE SAFETY ITEMS is a well-known company working against fire, supplying fire firefighting equipment, maintenance of the fire alarm system and others. Fire Safety Items imports its products from China, the UK, and many other countries. Fire Safety Items is providing its equipment in three different cities of Pakistan namely Karachi, Lahore and in Rawalpindi at slandered prices

Fire Safety Trading is a leading Fire Fighting Equipment company that provides all types of Fire fighting equipment in Pakistan. Check our product at Fire Extinguishers In Pakistan

 We are providing a variety of items. Some of them are following

•             Fire extinguishers

•             Fire safety items

•             Fire security system

•             Fire suppression system

•             Fire hydrant system

•             Fire vehicles

•             Maintenance of fire alarm system


Fire damage is a serious issue; media persons should highlight this issue in programs for the awareness of the public. Negligence is the main cause of fire damages this issue should be highlighted in educational institutions. Channels play a vital role to publicize the issue related to fire damage.

Law enforcement agencies should set the rules and regulations against the builders and owners to take preventive steps against fire. Set the rules by law enforcement agencies not to smoke late at night in buildings whether commercial buildings or personal homes. And also set the fine and punishment against the violators.

Proper maintenance of the fire alarm system should be done yearly basis and on monthly basis, there is a need for an inspection of smoke detectors and the firefighting equipment monthly.

It is reported that many incidents took place also on a train, so there is a need for a fire alarm system.

Proper fire safety training should be given free of cost by government institutions to the public especially in educational institutions for the individuals.

Builders should place proper fire firefighting equipment in high buildings like commercial malls, hospitals, and restaurants etc.

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