Fire Extinguisher Refilling in Pakistan

Fire Extinguisher Refilling in Pakistan

Fire Extinguisher Refilling in Pakistan


After an extinguisher has been used and emptied, either partly or fully you may require a Fire Extinguisher Refilling. You might need a refill fire extinguisher right after the unit has been used to battle a fire or it could have already been emptied on account of misuse/vandalism.
A test discharge may be required sometimes to guarantee a unit is working. This could be needed if the service label is absent or perhaps you are not aware of the history of your extinguisher.
In any of the above situations, you’ll need to have a fire extinguisher refilling, and it needs to be done by a qualified consultant.

Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan

Filling up Your Extinguisher Safely

Like many things to do with fire extinguishers the principal thing to consider is safety. With fire extinguishers refills this is particularly imperative simply because the unit may not operate correctly when needed if it wasn’t refilled correctly.
Aside from the unit not performing correctly, there are serious safety issues to take into account when filling up the extinguisher.
On no account should you chance a fire extinguisher refill yourself, You may realize this is obvious but people do try to do it themselves and it’s really very dangerous.
Many people have been killed while attempting to refill extinguishers themselves. The reason is, that the majority of fire extinguishers are constantly under high pressure and in many cases loosening the cap can cause it to pop off at high speed.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge Types

Many modern-day extinguishers are the stored pressure type and have a pressure gauge. These are usually cheaper to refill in comparison to the cartridge-operated units.
If for example the unit is cartridge controlled and it is aging or it’s in a less than the brand new condition you might need to consider replacing it. A brand new cartridge along with a refill can be very costly.
Replacement of old cartridge-powered extinguishers won’t often be more cost-effective than recharging, nevertheless, it most likely will be the best option if for just a bit more expense you can purchase a new extinguisher.
If you think an extinguisher has been misused, vandalized, or utilized to fight a fire then it’s usually a good idea to get it serviced. It’s likely that the refill will be part of the work necessary to bring it back to a good and safe state.
It is critical to emphasize though that you need to seek professional advice and speak to your regional fire protection professionals to refill your extinguishers for you.

Unless you’re a certified fire safety expert yourself you shouldn’t be attempting any kind of refill.

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