Best Fire Extinguishers For Restaurants

Best Fire Extinguisher for Restaurants in Pakistan

Best Fire Extinguishers For Restaurants

Fire extinguishers for restaurants are important for the safety from the fire. It is very essential to have a fire extinguisher for the restaurant. The restaurant is the place that is prone to a giant fire hazard because the kitchen is equipped with flammable oil and greases, electrical appliances, a source of heat, and papers. All these materials can catch flames and cause a severe fire disaster. Because the restaurant is another name of the source of heat and fire. It is the most likely place for the fire to start.

Restaurants are important for every society. Restaurants provide a unique flavour and tasty food to people. Besides its primary purpose of providing food and drinks to the people outside their homes, the restaurants also provide a bridge for fulfilling the human need of social connection and attachment. Restaurants provide a place for friends and family gatherings where they can enjoy good food with their dear ones. Restaurants are the heart of the community.

Although restaurants provide us with good food and connection they are at risk of hazards. Fire safety is crucial for restaurants. The restaurant must have firefighting equipment to protect human lives and property. Restaurants must have various protective measures and the most important is having a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher for restaurants will enable the employees working in the restaurant to control the fire when it just started.

So what do you need to know about fire extinguishers for the kitchen? Give a reading to this article….

Kitchen (K class) Fire

Because restaurant kitchens have to deal with a huge volume of cooking, Kitchen fire is a constant threat for the restaurants. A kitchen fire is known as a K class fire. Kitchen or K class fire is caused by flammable oil such as cooking oil, fat oil, or greases. Because of their flammable liquids when they are treated at a very high temperature, the fire starts the ignition. K-type fire is one of the most dangerous fires because it can get out of control and cause severe damage. It can spread over a large area within a few seconds and once it goes out of control it becomes a challenge to extinguish K class fire.

K class fire starts when someone leaves the pan untreated at the stove for a long period of time or when someone overheated the pan while adding cooking oil or greases in the pan. Kitchen fire also starts when electrical appliances such as the oven and steamers are overheated.

Best Fire Extinguisher for Restaurants

As the restaurants are at constant risk of fire disasters, now the question is How to extinguish K class Fire?”. 

A K-type fire extinguisher can extinguish the k class fire. It is essential for the owners of the restaurants to install the right type of fire extinguisher in the kitchen of the restaurant. Only k type fire extinguisher is appropriate for extinguishing kitchen fire. K-type fire extinguisher contains a wet chemical that cuts off the supply of oxygen, separating the fuel from oxygen and absorbing the heating element from the fire triangle. The wet chemical also reduces the chances of providing harm to the appliances.

It is important to use only k type fire extinguisher for extinguishing the kitchen fire. Other types of extinguishers like powder or water fire extinguishers can add fuel to the fire and may worsen the situation.

Remember to use only K type fire extinguishers for handling kitchen fire.

Why it is Essential to Install Fire Extinguisher for Restaurants?

Installing the right fire extinguisher in the restaurant is essential for the effective protection of the employees, business, and property. The owner of the restaurants must follow the fire safety plan to protect their employees and business from the drastic effect of fire. 

The NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations declares that all the restaurants must have K type fire extinguishers in the kitchen. The fire extinguishers must be installed near the stove or hood so that it is easy for the employees to pick the fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

Installing the fire extinguisher is not only a concern, its service and maintenance are also important. The owners need to keep a check over the maintenance of the fire extinguisher. 

Employees Should Be Trained

Having the right fire extinguisher is not enough, all the employees must know how to use the fire extinguisher. the owner should provide the proper training to all the employees so that in case the fire starts in the restaurant. The training is provided by the local fire department. The training is essential so that anyone from the whole staff can save the whole restaurant while lowering the risk. 

Does Your Restaurant Have the Right Fire Extinguisher?

Do you install the right type of fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Having the right type of Fire extinguishers for restaurants is vital because the wrong fire extinguisher could play a role to create the worst scenario resulting in huge damage to the business.  You should discuss with some experts about your restaurant arrangement and they will guide you what type of fire extinguisher and in what capacity is best suited for your place. So having the right fire extinguisher can give you long-lasting peace of mind.

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