Fire Extinguisher For Home

Fire Extinguisher For Home

Fire Extinguisher For Home

A home is not just a building, but it’s a place from where our life starts, it’s not just a building but it’s a feeling you have. Home is the place where we feel protected and secure. Home is the dearest place to all of us. 
“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”
Everyone whether human or animal has a special feeling for home. Everyone tries to make their home secure and protected from destruction. So now a day the most important hazard that we can expect is the fire. Fire poses a serious threat to our home. Fire can start within an instant and spread over large which results in the worst destruction and damage to our lives and assets.   

Fire in the home can start due to many reasons but one of the most important and common reasons is the carelessness in the kitchen. Fire may start ignition because of the presence of anything that can start ignition. 
Wood Stove.
Cooking Appliances. 
Heating Equipment.
Electrical Equipment. 
Careless Smoking. 
Carelessness during cooking. 
Improper wiring of the electrical system.

So you are thinking about how to protect your home from fire hazards? 

Fire Extinguisher for home is the simple solution to this problem. Many people follow home safety plans to protect their homes from fire. But in the fire safety plan, the first step is to install appropriate fire extinguishers for home safety.
A fire extinguisher is very small but one of the most crucial fire safety devices. It is a frontline firefighting device your home caught flames. Fire extinguishers for the home can tackle the small level fire. If the fire spreads over a large area, then the fire extinguisher can control the fire while giving some time to occupants to evacuate the building. A home fire extinguisher can prevent the spread of fire until the firefighters arrived at the place of emergency. So it’s very important to have the right fire extinguisher at your home.

Why Invest in Fire Extinguishers for Home?

We all are aware of the importance of having a fire extinguisher for home. It is a wise decision to invest in buying a fire extinguisher for home. We must be prepared proactively for dealing with any emergency at home, the best part of this preparation is to invest in buying the fire extinguisher for the home.

Some of the most important reasons to invest in home fire extinguisher are as following:

Prevent the Spread:

A fire extinguisher is the first responder firefighting device. Fire extinguishers stop the spread of fire. It contains a fire extinguishing agent and when we spray the fire extinguishing agent over the fire the agent cuts off the supply of oxygen to the flames and suffocating the flames. In this way, the fire extinguisher can control the fire and prevent its spread.

Protecting the Environment:

Fire starts when any combustible material starts burning and during this process fire produce a huge number of dangerous gases such as carbon, nitrogen. These gases provide harm to our environment by unbalancing the ecology system. So fire extinguishers can protect our environment by preventing the spread of fire and minimizing the pollutant.

Peace of Mind:

Having the right fire extinguisher for a home will give you peace of mind. When you know that you are prepared to handle fire emergencies and your home is equipped with some basic firefighting equipment you will be more relaxed and satisfies. Inventing a fire extinguisher does not cost much but the protection that it offers is immeasurable. A fire extinguisher is a lifesaver and saves you from fire damage.

What is the Best Fire Extinguisher for Home?

It is very difficult to decide what is the best fire extinguisher for the home. Fire extinguishers are of different types and are used for handling different types of fire and are used for different purposes.

 Fire extinguishers are broken down into different categories:

  • DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) Fire Extinguisher.
  • Co2 (Carbon dioxide) Fire Extinguisher.
  • Water Type Fire Extinguisher.
  • Foam Fire Extinguisher.
  • Clean agent Fire Extinguisher.
  • Halotron Fire Extinguisher.

Each type of fire extinguisher works only on the specific fire extinguisher. But in homes fire can be caused by multiple reasons so we need a fire extinguisher that can work on multiple classes of fire.
ABC fire extinguisher is available in the market that is known to work on multiple classes of fire. It is also called an all-purpose fire extinguisher because of its versatile characteristics. ABC fire extinguisher is a powder fire extinguisher. It comes with the label “ABC” on the cylinder. The label indicates that this fire extinguisher can extinguish class A (wood, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, and trash fire), class B (flammable liquids like gasoline, acetone, kerosene, grease, paint, and alcohols fire), and class C (electrical fire). Due to its multipurpose characteristics, it is recommended to install an ABC fire extinguisher in the home so that it can handle multiple classes of fire and saves your home from fire destruction.  
Suitable Size for Home Fire Extinguisher:
Normally ABC fire extinguisher of 1 kg or 2 kg is enough for domestic use and a separate fire extinguisher is used for separate floors. It is recommended to install the fire extinguisher near the stove, in the kitchen, garage, laundry area, and near the wood fire area.

Some important guideline for using the home fire extinguisher: 

Although a fire extinguisher is a goof firefighting equipment if it is used properly then it can add fuel to the fire and speed up the spread of fire.
Always direct the nozzle of the fire extinguisher towards the origin of the flames.
Before discharging the fire extinguisher firstly ensure that everybody else has left the place of emergency or the building is evacuated properly.
Always make sure that your back is near to some safe exit routes. So that if the fire is uncontrollable you can leave the place immediately through the safe exit.
Also, notice the smoke quantity. If the fire produces also smoke that you lost your visibility and feel difficulty in breathing, then you should immediately leave the room.
Before using the fire extinguisher, you should attend any training session.

I hope you get all the related information regarding the fire extinguisher for the home. Now you can purchase a fire extinguisher for your home without any difficulty. It is essential to have some basic level information about the product you are going to purchase.  

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